Malawi - Freedom Gardens

This post started off with a brief video that I shot in the fall of 2012. It was the first short video I ever made and I owe all my current jobs to that video as it kind of kick started my video job opportunities. 

The purpose was to raise awareness about a grassroots project in the Dowa District of Malawi called the Tikondwe Freedom Gardens. It is a small family run farm that has helped move the surrounding area away from subsistence farming and towards for-profit agriculture. This has allowed them to take infrastructure to the next level and afford education. 

One year after my first visit I was able to collaborate with them to help realize a long lasting dream of building a school to teach their agricultural techniques and model. I was able to return with 10 students from an American International School in Switzerland to put the final touches on the building. Enjoy a video I was hired to shoot during the trip I led in February of this year.

The development of the Classroom Project